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Providing Continuity in Australian Naval Shipbuilding

The Australian Government is laying the foundations for an Australian-wide naval shipbuilding enterprise, ending the boom-bust cycle that has afflicted the Australian naval shipbuilding and sustainment industry. This will provide certainty to local businesses and shipbuilding workers.

A founding principle of the AustalFassmer partnership is to develop an Australian naval surface shipbuilding capability in both South Australia and Western Australia that will endure beyond the OPV program. We can achieve this by:

  • Developing a national capability that continues to evolve to the benefit of Defence, local businesses and shipbuilding workers through our unique ability to develop our existing Australian supplier network, workforce, and facilities across the Pacific Patrol Boats, OPV and export contracts; and
  • Delivering an OPV shipbuilding program that commences in Osborne and transitions to Henderson while still retaining and enhancing South Australian shipbuilding capability. The government’s Naval Shipbuilding Plan requires a smooth transition from OPV to Future Frigate, and AustalFassmer is the only potential OPV prime contractor focussed on the success of both programs.

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