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Why AustalFassmer is the right choice for Australia’s OPVs

A powerful partnership

AustalFassmer combines the experience and know-how of Australia’s largest defence exporter, Austal, and the design expertise of German shipbuilder, Fassmer.

Over the past 20 years Austal has built 74 Patrol Boats in Australia with another 19 under construction. These vessels demonstrate Austal’s capabilities in both steel and aluminium shipbuilding.

The shared experience of this partnership, together with the value for money we offer, makes ours an attractive and low-risk proposal.

A proven track record

Austal has delivered 32 patrol vessels to the Commonwealth of Australia over the last 18 years – on time and on budget. Austal has also delivered complex naval vessels in USA, Europe and many other countries across the globe. Austal is also the only foreign prime contractor to ever build ships for the US Navy: the multi-billion-dollar Littoral Combat Ship and Expeditionary Fast Transport programs.

Meanwhile, Fassmer brings a proven and technologically advanced design that has been sold to the German Coast Guard as well as the Chilean and Colombian navies, with 7 OPV80’s delivered in total. Established in 1850 and now operating in 8 locations across the globe, Fassmer employs more than 1,100 people.

Working together as AustalFassmer, we have the capabilities and resources to deliver world-class results for the OPV Project.                            

State-of-the-art facilities

Austal’s cutting-edge Australian shipbuilding facilities have successfully delivered vessels on time for close to 30 years. Austal has also established new shipyards in the USA and the Philippines and a Joint Venture partner in an established shipyard in China – demonstrating experience in the effective transfer of construction technology.

Rock-solid commitment

Austal chose to partner with Fassmer as they are considered to be the only team willing to transfer the intellectual property of their OPV designs to Australia and therefore deliver the most effective transfer of technology. This represents an important demonstration of both parties’ shared commitment to the project, and yet another important step towards sovereign capability.

Local design expertise

Austal has Australia’s largest team of expert designers that has grown to over 100 staff in 2017. Our design capabilities complement Fassmer’s international technology transfer skills and experience.

Proven design

The design for the Offshore Patrol Vessel Program has been refined by AustalFassmer’s naval architects and engineers to fully suit Australian requirements. Fassmer’s German-engineered design is today successfully operating in one of the world’s most challenging marine environments, the Southern Ocean.

Support Network

Austal has already established a network capable of delivering sustainment services for patrol vessels in Australia and around the world including Darwin, Cairns, WA, the Philippines, Middle East, USA and Singapore.

Opportunity for Australian industry

A reliable shipbuilding supply chain comprised of more than 1,000 companies nationwide has already been established by Austal. By further developing Australia’s shipbuilding capabilities this will provide even more opportunities for Australian suppliers in the future. The OPV Project represents an exciting opportunity for the AustalFassmer partnership to assist in the realising of an enduring sovereign shipbuilding capability for Australia.

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