June 24, 2021

Austal Technical Bulletins

Austal’s Systems and Support department are launching a new series of Technical Bulletins to better support our clients by providing vessel operators with the highest quality through-life capability management and vessel support services.

The Technical Bulletins will include information around:

  • Austal’s MARINELINK Systems; New generation of cutting edge vessel Monitoring and Control. Software and hardware updates. Advice on emergent  issues and new product development
  • Austal’s Motion Control System; Advanced vessel stability program that controls Interceptors, Roll Fins, Trim Tabs and T-Foils and Swinging T-Foils. Software and hardware updates, advice on emergent relevant issues and new product development
  • Vessel Sustainment; Full suite of support
  • Supply of Vessel Spares or Replacement Parts/Equipment/Consumables/Tooling; From the smallest part right through to pre-fabricated vessel components
  • Comprehensive Refit Services and Project Management of Ships Annual Dockings; These services are delivered through Austal’s global support network in Australia, United States of America, Philippines, Middle East and Vietnam; together with partner shipyards and service centres worldwide
  • Major Equipment OEM Combined Support
  • Information Management Systems Support
  • Vessel Structural Repairs and Modifications
  • Integrated Logistics Support

To understand more about the Systems and Support services we offer, or if you have any suggestions on what other information you would like to see in future Technical Bulletins please direct your email to . We look forward to and encourage any feedback