Training and Consultancy Services


To meet the increasing complexity of modern platforms, Austal provides tailored training packages for maintenance crews, operating crews and specialised technical training relevant to on-board monitoring programs and information systems.

Training can be delivered on location or at Austal’s headquarters in Western Australia, and includes:

Vessel Familiarisation and Operations Training

On-board (or simulation) vessel familiarisation and operations training is available and may be tailored for any vessel type or crew.

Maintenance Training 

Ranging from fabrication and electrical training to a fully developed and interactive computer maintenance training program, Austal provides customised maintenance training packages that match operator requirements and anticipate future needs. 

Enterprise Asset Management 

Austal can train operating and maintenance crews on the use of an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) that helps to operate and maintain maritime assets effectively and efficiently.


A suite of advanced on-board monitoring and control systems available on all new Austal-built vessels, plus non-Austal built vessels.


Austal’s renowned vessel stabilising system that reduces vessel motion at sea and improves passenger and crew comfort.


Consultancy Services

Austal’s global operations (located in Australia, USA, Vietnam and Philippines) can provide a range of value adding consultancy services to commercial and defence fleet operators; including vessel design, audit and modernisation services, regulatory upgrades, client representations and general project management.

Conversion / Modernisation

From vessel conversions and passenger expansion to installing enhanced ride control systems or obsolescence management, Austal can help ensure regulatory requirements are met and the best technical solutions provided.


Austal can provide valuable reports or surveys to owners and potential purchasers that detail a particular vessel’s condition, no matter where the vessel is located.

Regulatory Compliance

With ever-changing regulatory requirements, owners and operators can turn to Austal for advice on any required changes/retrofits, as well as the performance of the upgrades if required.

Client Representative & Project Management

Austal can act on behalf of the owner or operator during any maintenance period, annual dry-docking or major refit or repair work, ensuring projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

Naval Architecture

Austal’s team of world-class naval architects have the experience to tackle any design challenge facing vessel owners and operators and are available to prepare technically sound solutions for vessels worldwide.