102m Condor Liberation for Condor Ferries

General Refit & Repairs

Austal Service provides fast, cost-effective general refit and repair solutions for owners of high speed aluminium vessels worldwide. With more than 28-years experience in ship design and construction, Austal Service delivers general refit and repair solutions across commercial, defence, leisure and offshore sectors.


Strategically-located service hubs as well as a skilled, fly-in workforce means Austal Service can provide rapid, on-site response to urgent repairs. Class approved repairs are available where required.


Austal Service has the experience to assist with the full integration of vessel enhancements such as ride control, catalytic exhaust treatment and various electronic upgrades.

Modernisations / Upgrades

With up-to-date knowledge of modern vessel design, Austal Service is available to implement new passenger arrangements for operators with a focus on improving amenities and comfort.


To increase the longevity of any operation, Austal Service provides solutions ranging from re-engineering to incorporate cleaner, newer engine technology to electronic upgrades and mechanical system replacements.

Annual Docking

From managing annual dockings on location to assisting with classification inspections and class renewals, Austal Service has extensive experience in all aspects of annual docking.