Complementing Austal’s capabilities in shipbuilding is the company’s expertise in the development and integration of advanced vessel control and information management systems.

Austal offers both defence and commercial operators the latest in maritime technologies to optimise the performance of their ships, operations and their complex on-board information management, communications, radar and weapons systems.

Austal’s proven MOTION CONTROL system provides improved seakeeping capability through enhanced computer controlled motion reduction – ensuring a smoother, more stable, productive and comfortable ride for crew, passengers and cargo.

MARINELINK provides extensive monitoring of vessel machinery and systems with the added flexibility to tailor the system to individual operator needs, overcoming limitations inherent in proprietary third party systems.

MARINELINK-Smart leverages off the vessel automation system to provide a real-time 'smart ship' advisory solution. Vessel systems data and configurable dashboards are available to both on-board crew and shore-based users via a cloud-based platform.

MARINELINK-Fleet is the only off-the-shelf system that gives ferry operators a live, integrated view of a fleet’s operating environment, schedule, comfort and fuel performance.


For more information on any of Austal's proprietary systems, including MOTION CONTROL or the MARINELINK suite of products, please email