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Image Library: Vessel Interiors

Austal has designed and constructed over 260 vessels over more than 28 years, including some of the world’s most iconic commercial and defence vessels. You are welcome to download and view images from our portfolios, below.

Important Notice: Access to this photo gallery is restricted and photographs are provided for media purposes only. All photographs contained within the gallery remain the copyright of Austal unless otherwise noted. Downloading an image from this website indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Images are provided for use in an article or media/broadcast about Austal. Photographs may be reprinted in news publications provided Austal is clearly acknowledged as the source. Copyright is not provided for promotion of other companies or organisations.

For commercial uses such as brochures, advertisements, websites and presentations; written permission must be obtained from Austal via

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Shinas Interior Photograph
No description available.
File Size: 159.52 KB
Shinas Interior Photograph
No description available.
File Size: 305.2 KB
NSW 16 metre patrol boats
No description available.
File Size: 2.34 MB
Highspeed 5 Interiors (2)
No description available.
File Size: 7.56 MB
Riyadh Interiors
Interior photograph of Riyadh, one of two 88 metre vehicle-passenger catamaran ferries for Egypt
File Size: 1.67 MB
HSF 'Alakai' Interior 2
No description available.
File Size: 6.34 MB
Farasan Interior
One of two 69 metre vehicle-passenger catamarans for Saudi Arabia
File Size: 7.03 MB
Trinidad and Tobago Water Taxis
Four 41 metre high speed passenger ferries
File Size: 1.96 MB
Jean de ka Valette
Interior image of Virtu Ferries 107 metre vehicle-passenger catamaran, "Jean de la Valette".
File Size: 6.65 MB
Osman Gazi 1 Interior
No description available.

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