November 21, 2023



21 NOVEMBER 2023

Austal Australia welcomes Greenroom Robotics to Patrol Boat Autonomy Trial

Austal Australia is pleased to announce that West Australian-based Greenroom Robotics has joined the Patrol Boat Autonomy Trial, underway for Trusted Autonomous Systems and the Royal Australian Navy.

Greenroom Robotics will integrate their Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) control software, known as GAMA, into Sentinel (a decommissioned Armidale-class Patrol Boat) that will allow autonomous navigation, remote pilotage and control, mission planning and operations.

Austal Australia’s Chief Technology Officer, Glenn Callow said Greenroom Robotics brings a proven and tested autonomous technology that will facilitate risk reduction activities, explore fleet optimisation objectives, and enable collaborative learning opportunities.

We’re delighted to welcome Greenroom Robotics to the Patrol Boat Autonomy Trial and look forward to GAMA integrating seamlessly with the vessel’s command and control systems, including Austal’s proven MARINELINK technology. GAMA’s specifications and capabilities align perfectly with the objectives of the trial which includes a number of risk reduction activities, fleet optimisation and learnings objectives.”

Greenroom Robotics Chief Technology Officer, Harry Hubbert said “GAMA is an effective autonomous maritime capability from an Australian partner, offering innovation, adaptability, and efficiency. We’re thrilled to be working with Austal on the Patrol Boat Autonomy Trial and looking forward to successfully demonstrating our locally developed technology on Sentinel.”

The Patrol Boat Autonomy Trial (PBAT) is a collaboration between Austal, Trusted Autonomous Systems (a Defence Cooperative Research Centre) and the Royal Australian Navy Warfare Innovation Navy (WIN) Branch. The Trial aims to establish robotic, automated and autonomous elements on a patrol boat, providing a proof-of-concept demonstrator, for optionally crewed or autonomous operations for the RAN into the future. The Trial is also exploring the legal, regulatory pathways and requirements of operating an autonomous vessel at sea.

Greenroom Robotics has joined the Patrol Boat Autonomy Trial featuring ‘Sentinel’, the former HMAS Maitland Armidale-class Patrol Boat. (Images: Austal Australia).

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